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loyalty cloudtm

Our proprietary SaaS Customer Management software comes equipped with everything you need to run a Loyalty program, CRM program, Engagement program, or all of the above.

this is pretty powerful stuff

Loyalty Engine

The engine that plays by your rules, handles points accounting, automate rewards, tiering, accounts for behaviors on web sites, manages subscriptions, and your rewards catalogue... 

Whew! It's the engine for all things Loyalty Programs are driven by. 



The engine that automates the dialogue between you and your customer, with your rules & triggers, personalizing and contextualizing, across e-mails, and text messaging. 


It's the engine for nurturing that one-on-one relationship, one customer at a time... or all at once.



The Ninja engine whose job is to, in real-time,  slice and dice, & group and count by any of the thousands of attributes and events recorded by our Customer Data Hub, or your CRM.

It's that engine that brings meaning to the Loyalty and Engagement engines.

POS Clienteling Tool

Omni-channel retail-ready, our POS clienteling tool empowers sales consultants to recognize, reward and notate any customer who walks through the door. 

Purchasing from a third party retailer? Our Receipt Recognition tool enables customers to collect points from brand purchases via a third party retailer.


Our Analytics Tools illuminates the truth of the data, generating insights to guide your next steps in fostering love with the "true loyals", or disengaging with the "dead-weights."

Analytics Tool



Choose as you please.  Use our powerful Loyalty Management Engine with your own CRM, or engage with the Full Monty – our Customer Loyalty Cloud is as modular as it gets.


One connection is all you need. Our API (also known as "A Perfect Interface) plays well everywhere and anywhere  you want data to flow. And when it doesn't, we're on it to make it work.


Meet your customers where they are. Our platform will meet you where you are. Online, in-store or in between.


Our ecosystem is open, flexible, and ready to integrate with your CRM, ESP, DAM, ERP, and whatever three (or four) letter acronym you throw our way.


We may be small, but we're built for mighty companies.

Roles-based Access & Permissions


customizable report builder


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