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Insight AI for eCommerce


Retain & Nurture

your customers with

what can it do FOR YOUR BUSINESS?

 Provide guidance for setting up Loyalty Program or other Customer Retention initiatives

Analyse sales and provides actionable recommendations

Accelerate marketing workflow with automation

Save your money and time

who made IT this smart?

For years we’ve been providing Customer Retention strategies and technology for brands like L’Oreal, LVMH, Revlon, Dior, Unilever and others.

Today we teach CRM Manager AI for eCommerce everything we know, to make our expertise accessible for everyone, for the fraction of the cost. We don’t teach it our charm though, sorry :)


how does it work?

You set the goal

Our CRM Manager AI will keep you focused and provide recommendation to help reach your goals.

For example : Repeat sales, Average order value, LTV.

Data collection & integration

 We integrate with your eCommerce and analyze sales transactions. This helps to learn about your business and ensure relevance of the recommendations.

Recommendations & guidance

CRM Manager AI provides specific recommendations aimed at reaching your goal, just as an expensive consultant would do. For example : stimulating specific segment of your customers with ‘double points’ offer.

Machine Learning

 Each business is unique. As CRM Manager AI runs the campaigns, it learns from campaigns' performance and adjusts its approach for the next campaign.

 If you run an eShop and Customer Retention is important for you, please reach out and share your view on the product we’re building. We will be happy to provide free CRM consulting (1h) and also premium terms as soon as our product is live. 

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